WOW… Non Exclusive Beats for SALE!!!!!

27 08 2008

*Work on all budgets: Non-Exclusive($25-$75), Demo($100-$300), Independent($400-$1000 a beat), and Major label ($2500+ a beat)budgets. Non-Exclusive Beat(Terms of Use and Guidlines) 1. Artist may use instrumental for use on Mixtape, Mixtape-album, Album, or Compilation(on short-run pressings.. less than 2000 units pressed.) 2.Rob Viktum maintains 100% ownership and copyright of instrumentals. 3.Credits must read: Beat produced by Rob Viktum for Audible Facts Production 4.Rob Viktum (Audible Facts Prod.) is not held liable for any sample clearances or issues regarding the use of samples on the artist behalf. 5.Once beat is paid for(via Snocap), artist then downloads 2-track completed mix(As Is) of the beat for recording/performance use. 6.Track can ONLY be alterred by: *adding(recording) vocals *looping beat to make longer(if needed) 7.Any other questions regarding Beat Inquiries or Terms of Use, hit me at

you can go to my myspace page and see all the goodies…




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