my favorite comic book of all time… 2 movies released, a third on the way….. they better

1 09 2008

get this shit right….. Punisher is a dark dark dark dark character…. he is brutal, and gives no room for caring emotions…. the first two movies…well, The first one with Dolf Lungren was close, but the first scene in the movie is Frank Castle’s ( Dolf Lungren ) NAKED ASS in a SEWER!!!!!!!! and the second movie… lets not even start.. he befriends a bunch of social rejects, and gets revenge for his family…. revenge on the family ok, thats punisher style….but non of the other movies have been dark and evil….this one looks like it might be..but it also might be a huge piece of shit…. i gues we will have to wait untill December…. STAN LEE, PLEASE DONT LET ME DOWN!!!!!!





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