Dont holler at Women at the Donut shop…and if you do…dont be this guy….

4 09 2008

Doughnut Shop Hookup Gone Bad Turns Wild Rampage…



NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. —  A Pasadena, Calif. man has been charged with trying to run down three women who spurned his advances at Newport Beach.

Prosecutors said Wednesday that Bryan Curiel faces life in prison if convicted of several felony charges, including attempted murder.

Farrah Emami, spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney, says the women rejected Curiel’s advances inside a doughnut shop Sunday and told him to leave them alone.

When they had left the shop, Curiel allegedly drove at least 50 mph toward the women and three of their friends before crashing into several concrete benches.

One woman’s foot was run over as she tried to jump out of the way.

Curiel is being held on $1 million bail until his arraignment Sept. 19.




hahahahaha dumb ass




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